Best Paris Strolls

About The Strolls

Best Paris Strolls is a collection of 30 walking tours – or strolls – in Paris, France, specially designed for mobile phones.  It is free for everyone to use to discover this wondrous city.

The strolls cover all districts of Paris of significant interest to visitors and include a huge number of major attractions and landmarks.  Each stroll focuses on a particular district and guides you through it with precise directions and insightful descriptions.   And each stroll route is crafted to be engaging from beginning to end.  The promise is: “No Boring Streets!” In addition, the strolls have these great practical features: 

  • Reasonable length, so you won’t tire.  
  • Start and end points near Metro stations, so you can easily arrive and depart.
  • Early end points near Metro stations, if you need to quit.    
  • Dining suggestions.
  • Restroom information.
  • Stroll Map always accessible.
  • Hours, prices and website links for museums, restaurants and other venues. 
  • Easy connections to other strolls so you can keep exploring.     

The strolls proceed in short segments.  Each segment has its own page, with walking directions at the top followed by descriptions of the attractions and dining options you reach.  When you finish a segment, click to move on to the next.  The design ensures that you will never have to hunt for information, and will never lose your place in the directions, or on the street.   

The descriptions are based on extensive research and in-person visits, and contain interesting details you won’t find elsewhere.  As important, they are concisely written, so you can read and enjoy them quickly at the location.  

The website’s “30 Strolls at A Glance” section provides a summary page for each stroll (with photos and map) that allows you to determine whether it fits your schedule and interests.  You can also select a stroll from the categories in the “Choose A Stroll” section.  Consult the “How It Works” section for easy-to-follow instructions about opening and operating a stroll on your phone.  

It took years of research, exploration, test walks and careful thought to create walking guides worthy of the name Best Paris Strolls.  The finished product also owes a debt to the folks at Internet Minded Design & Development who devised the unique directions software and designed this stellar website.  

Thanks for visiting and checking it out.  And enjoy strolling in Paris!  

Gene Hurley
Best Paris Strolls creator and owner